Advanced Placement (AP) Course Prep

Advanced Placement (AP) Course Prep

College-level Study Skills Training

To earn college credit at most colleges and universities, you will need to earn a "4" or "5" on the AP Exam. To earn those scores you will need to make an investment of time in preparing for the exam, and that preparation should begin the summer before you take the AP course (or courses).

You will not only need to make an investment of time, you will also have to "work smart", by using the wealth of resources that are available to you as well as making use of learning approaches and study skills that are used by all successful college students. You will be shown how to approach your AP courses like a college student and how to take advantage of the resources out there to master what you need to master on the AP test. You will also be taught test-taking strategies that apply to AP courses generally, as well as the specific techniques you can use for the AP courses you are taking.

What are the benefits to students and families of high achievement in AP courses? Here are a few:

  • Graduate from college a semester early or a full year early, potentially saving anywhere from a few thousand dollars to more than $50,000.

  • Provide more flexibility in college, enabling you, for example, to graduate with an Engineering degree in 4 years rather than 5, also potentially saving anywhere from a few thousand dollars to more than $50,000.

  • Perform better in college when you get there based on the learning approaches and study skills that you learned while a high school student.

    • By excelling in your AP courses, your chances of acceptance in your college of choice will be higher than lackluster performance in an AP course.

Contact Patrick at or 303-598-3428 (mobile with text).

Courses Supported:

AP Human Geography

AP World History

AP US History

AP European History

AP Psychology

AP Microeconomics / AP Macroeconomics

AP Environmental Science

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Physics B

AP Statistics

AP Calculus AB and BC

Meeting Places:

Libraries: Highlands Ranch Library, Parker Library, Columbine Library

Panera Bread: Highlands Ranch, Centennial (behind Mimi's Café, near Park Meadows Mall), and Parker

Other: as mutually agreed upon.

How to Get Started...

Send me an email, text or give me a call to discuss your AP courseload and we can find a day and time to get started.