5 BIG IDEAS That Will Change Your Life

5 BIG IDEAS That Will Change Your Life (Amazon)

Do you worry too much? Do you harbor anger from hurts from the past? Are you impatient? Are you overworked or stressed or anxious? Are you trapped by your mistakes in the past? The "5 BIG IDEAS That Will Change Your Life" book can help you exchange each of these for a deep sense of peace and joy for life. The "5 BIG IDEAS" can help you find a path forward. The "5 BIG IDEAS" are simple, but they're critical ingredients to your transformation, whatever your previous experience with organized religion. A plan for taking on each of the "5 BIG IDEAS" is provided to help you put each BIG IDEA into practice, transform your life, and find a peace and joy you've never known.

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CURRENT EDITION Version 1.0 (June 2017)

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