Gospels on Video

Use the following links to find word-for-word presentations of the Good News:

Gospel of Mark (youtube) (Max McLean's Chicago Theater District performance of the Gospel of Mark. Experience the entire Gospel in about 94 minutes the way that early Christians experienced the Gospel: performed by a master who believes) Gospel of Mark (purchase DVD on Amazon, free on Amazon Prime)

Gospel of John (Gospel of John Link or purchase used on Amazon) (Experience the entire Gospel of John in about 3 hours. Turn on subtitles for maximum impact. Word-for-word performance of John's Gospel. Watch it multiple times. It appears that the DVD is no longer available new, but it is available used and on youtube)

Gospel of Matthew (purchase DVD on Amazon) (watch on youtube) (Experience the entire Gospel of Matthew in about 4 hours. The "Sermon on the Mount" (Chapters 5-7) is amazing.

Gospel of Luke (purchase DVD on Amazon) (This is the oldest word-for-word Gospel presentation. It has been translated into multiple languages and has been viewed by many, many people.)