ACT Test Prep

Practice tests may be downloaded below for the ACT. The answer key is in the back of each document. Once you've taken one or more subtests and identified which questions you've answered correctly, let's meet to identify what you need to do differently next time to choose the correct answer. Then you can take another practice subtest. To schedule a time to meet, send an email to or text 303-598-3428.

Released actual tests. These are in the public domain across various websites and so are available here:

June 2021 Actual ACT Test (D06)

April 2021 Actual ACT Test (D05)

December 2020 Actual ACT Test (D03)

July 2020 Actual ACT Test (C01)

June 2020 Actual ACT Test (C02)

December 2019 Actual ACT Test (C03)

April 2019 Actual ACT Test (Z15)

December 2018 Actual ACT Test (B05)

June 2018 Actual ACT Test (A11)


Officially released practice tests. The most recent practice tests are good, the older ones not as useful as the recent practice tests above (what's tested changes a little over time, the more recent the test, the better):

Official ACT Practice Test 2018-2019

Official ACT Practice Test 2015-2016 1572CPRE

Official ACT Practice Test 2013-2014 67C

Official ACT Practice Test 2009-2010-2011-2012 64E

Official ACT Practice Test 2006-2007-2008-2009 61C

Official ACT Practice Test 2003-2004-2005-2006 59F

Recommended Book with 3 More Full Practice Tests


Basic Process for Increasing Your ACT and SAT Scores:

1) Take a practice test (don't worry about time)

2) Score it and work to understand every incorrect response and any answers guessed correctly: how would you approach the question differently next time? This is where I can help you the most.

3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 across multiple practice tests, adhering to time constraints

4) Identify specific strategies that work for you (order of readings for example)

5) Identify patterns specific to you to correct (not answering the question that is asked for example). I can help you with this too.

6) Pay attention to sleep and nutrition the day before and day of the test. Bring and eat snacks for the break. Pray: Ask God for help. Prayer and action are a powerful combination.


New ACT Writing Test

Most students do NOT need to take the ACT Writing Test (but do have to take the "Writing & Language" subtest, one of the four main subtests if the ACT). If you find that you do need to take the Writing test, I can help you prepare for that additional test. A sample prompt and link to a high scoring essay example are provided below. Respond to the prompt and send me what you've written or a link to what you've written and we can review your writing and identify specific things you can do to strengthen your writing.

New ACT Essay Prompt Example

High Scoring Essay Sample