Results Tracking

The purpose of this page is to track results over time. We give thanks to God for the following results of the powerful combination of prayer (asking God for help) and diligent action (working hard and working smart):

October 2017: Student passed the Math and Science subtests of the Elementary Education PRAXIS test. She passed the Reading & Language Arts and Social Studies subtests in September. The student had previously taken the PRAXIS test twice with no success.

October 2017: High School Senior increased his ASVAB practice test score from 30 to 63, enabling him to enlist in the Navy. He will continue to study for the test to reach his goal of a specific position within the Navy, but a Navy career is now possible.

September 2017: Denver Public Schools High School Science teacher passed the Science PRAXIS test.

September 2017: Increased High School Junior's SAT score from 1050 to 1240.