The purpose of this page is to record ideas, insights, etc. that come to mind for reflection and later review:
Wed, July 19, 2019, morning, LBI: 
  • Recall: When working on the DQR translations into Spanish yesterday midday, the laptop locked up and had to reboot. I was sitting on the couch and reclined more to shut my eyes and rest. Felt a mild comforting/encouragement of the Holy Spirit. 
    • Insight: There are many things that I could improve upon, but I think the Spirit encourages us to do (or not do) that which the Spirit feels is most important. What the Spirit thinks is important is aligned with God's will, and therefore should be done.
    • Reflect: I haven't felt it as much in NJ as when home in Colorado.  It seems that the Spirit feels that me taking a midday rest/nap is important. This could relate to long term health and enabling me to get more done.
    • Action: Take more naps.
  • Recall: Went for a 2.5 mile run with James in the jogging stroller (no seat on the back of the bike in the garage, so not much choice). Lots of oxygen in the air, felt like I could run forever except that it is so humid that perspiration doesn't do as much cooling here. Joints feel fine. 
    • Action: Continue to take runs.
  • Recall: Purchased PRAXIS teacher licensing test materials for a student. I could have had the student make the purchase. The very same day was contacted by a second student to help her with the same test. The new student made a point of saying she didn't want a discount.
    • Insight: There is no random ( "We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose" Romans 8:28
    • Insight: Do the right thing, strive to understand and do God's will, and trust that God will provide.
    • Action: Continue to trust God. Continue to take prudent risks. Continue to invest in people.