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Links - Mathematics

Calculators                  Parent Guide to Calculators  Specific Guidance on Calculators based on personal experience

Calculators                  Online Graphing Calculator   Wolfram Alpha - Free Online Graphing Calculator
                                                                            Why I like it: It's free!; Shows steps to solving a problem;
                                                                            Includes data such as chemistry information, population statistics, etc.
Math General               Algebra Diagnostic Test        Used to determine your level of mastery of Algebra 1
                                                                            Why I like it: Used by a school in Colorado to determine which students are
                                                                            able to skip Algebra 1 and begin Geometry; toughest Algebra 1 identified

Fractals                      DVD: Fractals                       Video: Fractals - Hunting the Hidden Dimension
                                                                            Why I like it: How often do they invent a whole new branch of math? About $12.

Tutoring                      Profile on Wyzant                 Find my Wyzant Profile
                                                                            Why I like it: See Patrick's profile!; tutoring is provided directly to students through  
                                                                               Clairton and also through Wyzant

Tutoring                      Patrick's Wyzant Blog           Read my Wyzant Blog        
Tutoring                      Find a Wyzant Tutor             Find a Tutor (General Lookup)        
                                                                            Why I like it: Search for a tutor from thousands of tutors