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What are your learning goals? 
I, Patrick McGarrity, can help you achieve them. I've worked as a full-time tutor for the past seven years in the South Denver area, helping students locally and nationally (and even a few internationally) achieve their goals. Call or text me to discuss your situation: 303-598-3428.

I've worked with students in almost every subject at the high school and college level. Here are some of the most popular areas I've worked with students recently:

Math (all levels from Algebra through Calculus)
Science (Chemistry, Physics, and Biology)
Study Skills
Special Situations (overcoming failure, achieving challenging goals, etc.)
Finance (college and grad school level)
Writing (review of application essays, high school and college essays, graduate theses, etc.)
Colorado in winter...
Vail Pass Colorado - Snowshoe Tracks @10k ft
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