The "Other 42%" of the Good News (book)

The "Other 42%" of the Good News was originally an appendix to the 5 Big Ideas for Cradle Catholics book, but at 180 pages and given its specific focus, it is a book unto itself.  The purpose of the book is to help Catholics appreciate what they are missing if they rely upon the Mass for their only source of Bible reading and study. 

If you are Catholic and you go to Mass every Sunday of your life you will only ever hear about 58% of the four Gospels read at Mass.  If the Mass is your only source of Bible reading and study, you need to do more.

The book looks at the factors that have prevented Catholics from reading the Bible over the past 1,600 years.  It helps Catholics understand why their grandparents didn't read and study the Bible, but they should. The book also looks at the strong encouragement the Catholic Church has given to its members since 1965 to read and study the Bible, especially the Gospels.  

While the book is targeted at Cradle Catholics, those born into the Catholic faith (whether still within the church or not), it may also be helpful to other Christians who work with Cradle Catholics.

The first proof of this book was received in April 2015, and a group of 11 people are reviewing the book to provide feedback.  If you would like to be a part of the review team send me an email, text or give me a call: 303-598-3428.