5 BIG IDEAS That Will Change Your Life (Catholic Edition)

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Catholics wish each other "peace" at every mass. How many people who grew up in the Catholic Church find a deep sense of peace?

The "5 BIG IDEAS for Cradle Catholics" book can help you find peace and joy (whether you're still in the church or not, whether you're "practicing" or not). 

This book is not intended to convince you to leave the Catholic Church if you're still a part of the Catholic Church. It's also not intended to convince you to return to the Catholic Church if you've left. 

The book is intended to help you find the deep sense of peace that you've wished others at every mass, but not found yourself, not yet.

More than 700,000 people are born into the Catholic Church in the United States each year, an estimated 13.7 million people worldwide.

Those born into the Church are informally called "Cradle Catholics." Chances are, that includes you. You're a Cradle Catholic if you were born into a Catholic family, whether you're active in the Catholic Church or not.  This book is a resource for Cradle Catholics, helping them find a peace they've never known, but have wished upon others hundreds or thousands of times at Sunday Mass. 

While many people do find peace in the Catholic Church, a disturbingly high number of people do not. This book is for the latter group, not the former.

The 5 BIG IDEAS are simple, but they are critical ingredients to your transformation.  A plan for taking on each of the 5 BIG IDEAS is provided to help you put them into practice, transform your life, and find a peace you've never known.
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